• Pancreatic Cancer

    Pancreatic Cancer


    My husband, Stan, went through a lot of feelings when diagnosed

    with aggressive pancreatic cancer Feb. 2007:  Anger, fear, anxiety,



    He was told that with luck he would have about 9 months to live.

    He was 66 years old. 


    In his favor: He didn't smoke anymore, but had years ago. He'd been

    using Shaklee off and on since 1979. At first more 'off' but more

    consistently as time went on, finally later was on the basics

    daily.  But he had a lot of hidden inner body damage that we didn't

    know about, like most of us.  You can't see what's happening inside

    so you don't always pay attention to it until the 'symptoms' start

    getting your attention.


    In 2007, he had dropped from 205 lbs to 86 lbs in less than 3

    months.  I was reminded of pictures of concentration camp

    survivors.  Couldn't eat much, drank our Meal Shakes at that point.


    The procedure was a success and they hoped they got all cancer,

    but only time would tell.  Chemo/radiation was started. I had

    brought a nutrition program to them and asked if he could be using

    our supplements especially the Nutriferon during all this therapy.

    ****They called me and said to definitely go ahead with the



    His blood work stayed pretty good during the rest of that year, and

    he stopped chemo/radiation by end of 2007. 


    Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a very fast expanding

    pancreatic fistula the following March... which nearly took his

    life.  Then we began a concentrated effort to rebuild his health

    again and hopefully stop the cancer from returning.


    He was/is on only pancreatic enzyme with meals and Shaklee

    supplements and Meal Shakes now.  His cancer number was about 365

    in 2007, had dropped a little by summer 2008, but still over 210.


    I firmly believe the base of his good blood work was from the

    Nutriferon, and yes- in his case we used more that two daily to

    build him up.  Now his is back to 2 or 3 daily.


    We just weren't taking any chances, I'd rather 'waste' some and

    make sure his cells had every bit they needed.  Later we found out

    that our FlavoMax was actually a great product for this too.

    He got stronger even during chemo/radiation.


    ****Vivix came out in August 2008, and Stan started on it early in

    September when we got our first bottles. 


    By October blood test, his cancer count dropped under 200, then by

    December it had dropped to 165.  We're working towards the 50



    Vivix was the only difference in his supplement program.  Will it

    keep cancer away, we don't really know, but it has been shown to

    create healthier, stronger, more resilient cells. 


    We figure if we make other changes like better food choices, better

    water, exercise/air, to help create healthier cells- then Vivix

    will enhance his health ever better.


    Vivix & any supplements can only work with our food choices.   If

    cells are poor, then Vivix can increase their value but only so

    much.  If cells are healthier then Vivix can do an even better

    quality job. 


    There is no magic bullet for anything.  No guarantees.  You have to

    bathe your cells in the very best supplements consistently,

    surround them with something they can actually use to do their

    jobs, clean-up, and rebuild.


    August of 2009, he went on a backwoods camp-out and canoe trip -

    Allagash, Maine,   Something he had wanted to do for years.  I've

    shown his picture, and they have it at the cancer center. Quite a

    difference from the '87 pound skeleton of 2007'.


    Over the last 3 years, they thought the cancer returned a couple

    times, and once when his liver was very inflamed.... but so far

    we've been able to keep things at bay. 


    Yesterday he took off with some friends on the new Sunrise Trail in

    Maine, on ATV's.   He still gets tired during the day sometimes,

    and would love to be 25 again physically, but he is living each day

    now. His weight is at about 160 which is good for him.


    Cancer, like other degenerative diseases, undermines the body's

    cells/organs slowly damaging them.  Before the cancer he took some

    Shaklee products, but also enjoyed eating a lot of other things we

    now know cause damage. That plus his job driving tractors for

    years, and the negative air that he breathes.


    Supplementation, as Dr. Shaklee put it, is for filling in the gaps,

    enhancing the nutrition from your meals, they can't be expected to

    compensate for not eating well.  For example you can't stick a B

    complex into a big piece of pie' and balance the nutrition. 


    The quality of the nutrition product is also extremely important-

    you have to know what's in it and that it does give results.  Why

    waste your money?   A great looking car is cheaper with no engine,

    but it won't get you anywhere.


    Supplementation plus better food choices, plus quality air and

    water, and fun exercise, all play a role in our health, then you

    add genetics to the mix.


    It's much harder to try to take everything you need daily when the

    damage is out of control, and you don't even feel like eating or

    doing anything.


    It is much easier to start early and increase the cell health

    consistently even just a little bit - makes a major difference. It

    is easier to ward off disease than it is to try to 'cure' it once

    it has taken hold.


    We're sorry your friend is going through all this, and we know the

    anger and frustration from it.  But perhaps looking at this from

    another possible viewpoint: --- the Vivix has been trying to heal

    those cancer cells as they grew, perhaps it held back some of the

    cancer, as her body tried to fight what was happening 'undercover'.


    It may still be working in her favor now.  Damage can be stalled,

    or slowly cleaned up, but time is a factor- and it has run out

    while some parts were healing, just not enough time. 


    Also taking just Vivix is not going to fix a problem which usually

    has taken years to insert itself before it suddenly triggered the



    According to the medical team, Stan had only one chance to stall

    death and that was the whipple procedure.  When he survived that,

    and then got stronger during chemo/radiation instead of weaker,

    they told us that things looked good and he may have bought another

    18 months...That would bring us to June 2009.


    August 2009 he went on the Allagash trip.


    So here it is 2010 August and he is still with us.  We live in the

    woods of Maine, he works and 'plays' outside every day, uses a

    snowmobile and ATV, turned 69 this year.  Each day is a gift and we

    just try to enjoy it and make the most of it.  Do we believe the

    supplements had a positive effect - yes.


    Our loving advice is to try to create a healthier life - starting

    anytime - never to young or too old to do that, and take



    Check the research, with Shaklee products you know what results

    they give, and plan accordingly.


    Use several things together to cover all your bases. Bathe your

    cells in HEALTHY NUTRIENTS.  Does it cost, YES. Everything has a

    cost, we spent money on Nutriferon and other nutrients. 


    Was it worth it, YES.  I would say to anyone 'never give up' trying

    to rebuild your health, because you really don't know what battles

    are being fought and won internally on a daily basis. 


    There are supplements I would never give up with cancer -

    Nutriferon, Vivix, and Multi, one of our Shake choices [mine would

    be Cinch], plus breathe good clean air -they now know it helps

    deter 'bad' cells.


    Life is a precious gift, remember to open it and have some fun!

    Sandy Sargent

    August, 2010