• Lyme's Disease Testimonial

    I contracted Lymes Disease in Arkansas in 1990. I could not get a Dr to give me a diagnosis. By 1994, I was in really bad shape. I thought I might have MS because of the symptoms I was experiencing. I was completely bedridden and all testing showed I had full arthritis. Because I was bedridden, I had a lot of time to read. I learned a ton about the immune system and how to heal the body naturally.


    Here are the Shaklee supplements that I took and take to get me well:

    • Soy protein to build cells and repair tissue
    • VitaLea--the best all around multi
    • Vita C--good for the immune system and fighting infections
    • B Complex--converts food to energy, builds red blood cells, and helped with my neurological damage
    • Immunity Formula I-- Designed specifically for the immune system
    • Garlic--great for the immune system as well as the heart. I had developed heart problems throughout this ordeal
    • Lecithin--fat emulsifier for the heart problems. Also got my liver enzymes back to normal
    • Alfalfa--great for arthritis as well as allergy problems which I developed after the Lyme. Also great for fighting infections
    • Fiber--digestion! Helps rid the body of toxins
    • HerbLax--cleanses the lymph glands and blood stream
    • OsteoMatrix (Cal/Mag)--stopped my muscle spasms
    • Optiflora--for intestinal bacteria
    • Vitamin E--for heart and immune function
    • And, Carotomax--an antioxidant

    I take a lot of supplements.